Monday, August 29, 2016

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Over 64? Want to Cut Your Heart Disease Risk? Try Exercise
Mylan to Offer Generic EpiPen
Many Depressed Adults Not Getting Treatment: Study
Mediterranean Diet Shows Its Protective Powers in Heart Patients
People With Implanted Defibrillators at Higher Car Accident Risk
Heart Birth Defects Dropped After Folic Acid Was Added to Food
Study: Trained Experts Can Spot Breast Cancer in 'Blink of an Eye'
Fewer Drugs in Pipeline to Treat World's No. 1 Killer
More Parents Believe Vaccines Are Unnecessary
Risks Spike If Young Athletes Specialize Too Soon
Experimental Test Detects Parkinson's Disease Earlier
3 Drugs Identified to Potentially Fight Zika Virus
Health Highlights: Aug. 29, 2016
Health Tip: Why Warm-Up?
Health Tip: Choose Healthier Sides for Your Barbecue
'Good Dog' Usually Does the Trick
Health Highlights: Aug. 28, 2016
Backback Smarts From a Pro
FDA Recommends All Blood Donations Be Tested for Zika
Even a Little Exercise May Help Stave Off Dementia
Friendships Matter if You Want to Lose Weight
Teach Your Kids to Pick, Prepare and Pack Their School Lunch
New Take on Man's Friendship With Fido
Take Special Care With Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Lens Solution
More Americans Can Afford Medications Under Obamacare: Study
Doctors Divided on Safety, Use of Electronic Cigarettes
Early Virus Raises Asthma Risk in Certain Kids: Study
Hopes Dashed for Rare Bone Cancer Treatment
First Days of Preseason Practice Pose Big Heat Risks for College Football Players
Health Highlights: Aug. 26, 2016
Health Tip: Make Sure Kids' Shoes Fit Well
Health Tip: Keeping Foods Separate During Grilling
Synthetic Fentanyl Fueling Surge in Overdose Deaths: CDC
Many Teens 'Vaping' for Flavor, Not Nicotine
Autism-Linked Genes Often Differ Between Siblings
For Uncontrolled Tremor, Ultrasound Instead of Brain Surgery?
Amphetamines Polluting Some Urban Streams: Study
New Case of Local Zika Infection Reported in Florida
Survey Says: Hair Transplants Make Men Look Younger
Music Therapy Helps Preemie Babies Thrive
Coffee Cravings May Spring From Your DNA
Serious Heart Problem a Family Matter
Mideast Violence Erasing Decades of Health Gains
Health Highlights: Aug. 25, 2016
Health Tip: Help Kids Get Enough Exercise
Health Tip: Work Through Chronic Pain
Zika May Persist for Months in Newborns, Study Shows
Excess Weight Tied to Higher Risk for Many Cancers, Experts Say
Could Weight-Loss Surgery Boost Odds of Preemie Birth?
Stress May Take Greatest Toll on Younger Women's Hearts: Study
Adult-Onset Asthma Might Raise Heart Risks
Blood Test Might Someday Predict Your Stroke Risk
Senior Years May Truly Be Golden for Happiness
Cancer on Course to Become Top Killer of Americans
Five More Cases of Local Zika Infection Reported in Florida
Season of Conception May Affect Fetal Brain Growth
Medical Marijuana's Pain Relief May Work Better for Men
Diabetes Drug May Help Kids With Autism Fight Unwanted Pounds
Cheap Face Masks Little Help Against Air Pollutants
Kids' Mild Brain Injury Can Have Long-Term Effects
Health Highlights: Aug. 24, 2016
Health Tip: Losing Hair After Pregnancy
Health Tip: Explaining Circuit Training
Patent Monopolies Driving High U.S. Drug Prices: Study
Veterans' Painkiller Abuse Can Raise Odds for Heroin Use
ADHD More Often Missed in Minority Kids
Gene Test Might Quickly ID Baby's Infection
Use of Cancer-Linked Fibroid Device Declines After FDA Warning
Fast Action Can Prevent Sepsis Death: CDC
Scans Show Range of Zika-Linked Infant Brain Defects
Breast-Feeding Rates Climb, But Many Moms Quit Early: CDC
Banned PCB Chemicals Still Tied to Autism in U.S. Kids
Average Lifespan Longer for Twins
Young Football Players Tackle Greatest Concussion Risk at Practice
'Bagpipe' Lung Infection Kills Piper
Climate Change May Prolong Smog Season in Southeast U.S.
Health Highlights: Aug. 23, 2016
Health Tip: Pack Healthier Lunches
Health Tip: Shop for the Freshest Fish
Clinton Edges Trump on Health Care, Survey Finds
Unhappy at Work in Your 20s, Unhealthy in Your 40s?
No More Than 6 Teaspoons of Added Sugars a Day for Kids
Mouse Study Suggests Antibiotics in Kids Might Help Spur Type 1 Diabetes
Truth or Fib? When Kids Say They're Too Sick for School
Teen Student-Athletes Often Unfit, Overweight
Mouse Study Suggests Stem Cells May Reverse Stroke Damage
Food, Even Water Can Spoil When the Power Goes Out
TV Ratings for Parents Let Violence, Drinking Slip Through
To Keep Teens Slim, Focus on Health not Weight
Too Few Female Urologists to Meet Aging Patients' Demand
Head Injury Screening Tests Approved
Health Highlights: Aug. 22, 2016
Health Tip: Early to Bed Before Back to School
Health Tip: When Kids Walk to School
Family Trumps Friends in Extending Seniors' Lives
Couples At Risk During 'Divorce Season'
Twitter Broadening Discussions About Death, Grief: Study
CDC Advises Pregnant Women to Avoid Miami Beach Due to Zika
Richer Houses Home to Wider Range of Bugs
Put Vaccines on Kids' Back-to-School List
Think Safety When Picking, Packing School Backpacks
Steroid Treatments May Boost Preemies' Risk of Eye Problems
Is Compromise More Likely When Women Are Part of the Decision?
Does Your Child Need Eyeglasses?
Fewer Cancer-Causing Chemicals in E-Cigs Than Regular Cigarettes: Study
Genes Might Explain Hispanics' Added Longevity
'Business Diet' a Bad Deal for the Heart
Kitchen Cooking Burns a Real Danger for Kids
Survey Finds Support for Limits on Indoor Tanning
Early to Bed, Early to Rise a Back-to-School Challenge
Health Highlights: Aug. 19, 2016
Health Tip: Eating Healthy on a Family Trip
Health Tip: Squash Stress Before Bed
Fatty Fish May Curb Eye Risks for Diabetics, Study Finds
10 Easy Ways to Build Activity Into Your Workday Routine
Gallstones Linked to Higher Heart Disease Risk
Could Diet in Pregnancy Raise Child's Odds for ADHD?
Improper Use of Contact Lenses Can Trigger Serious Eye Damage, CDC Says
Early Prostate Cancer Diagnoses Continue to Fall in U.S.: Study
Smoking Bans in Affordable Housing Benefit All: Study
Knee Surgery Rarer, but Problems More Likely, for Minority Patients
Two Genes Might Help Predict Breast Cancer Survival
Peanut Allergy Treatment: The Earlier in Childhood, the Better
Zika Kills Vital Nervous System Cells in Adult Mice, Study Finds
Many Hispanics, Poor Still Without Health Insurance: Report
Calcium Supplements Might Raise Older Women's Dementia Risk
Health Highlights: Aug. 18, 2016
Health Tip: Managing Anemia With Iron
Health Tip: Poor Vision in One Eye
Doctors Report Probable Zika Transmission Via Blood Transfusion
7 Ways to Avoid Serious Injury From School Sports
Kids With Mild Asthma Can Take Acetaminophen: Study
Anemia Boosts Stroke Death Risk, Study Finds
Healthy Diet, Exercise May Help Keep Alzheimer's at Bay
Child Dies in Hot Car Almost Once a Week
New Moms' Hair Loss Usually Temporary, Expert Says
Antipsychotic Meds Pose Little Danger to Fetus, Study Finds
Depression Common After Time Spent in ICU
2 Kids an Hour Hurt in Strollers, Infant Carriers
Sleep Is Key to College Success
Health Highlights: Aug. 17, 2016
Health Tip: Sealing Teeth to Help Prevent Cavities
Health Tip: Keep Teen Drivers Safer
Do Angioplasty Patients Really Need Beta-Blocker Drugs?
Don't Lose Sleep Over Screentime at Night
Texas Reports 1st U.S. Case of Zika From Travel to Another State
Women's Cancer Risk Rises With Years Spent Overweight
Injected Drug May Help Fight Osteoporosis in Women
Celiac Disease Risk May Be Tied to Time, Place of Birth
Fewer Advanced Alzheimer's Patients on Feeding Tubes
Quitting Smoking May Gain You Friends
Heart Health May Hinge on Easy Access to Fresh Food
Injuries at Indoor Trampoline Parks Jump
Pay Gaps Persist for Female Doctors Across the U.S.: Study
Health Highlights: Aug. 16, 2016
Health Tip: Boost Your Health With Exercise
Health Tip: The Pluses of Using an Insulin Pump
Heat Waves Hit Seniors Hardest
New Guidelines Set Safe Surgery Margins for Some Breast Cancers
How Long Will You Live? Look to Your Parents
Exercise Not an 'Antidote' to Too Much Sitting, Heart Experts Say
Paying Smokers to Quit May Pay Off
Too Many Public Defibrillators Out of Reach When Needed
Acetaminophen During Pregnancy May Up Risk of ADHD in Kids
This Key Neighborhood Factor May Help Smokers Quit
Babies Often Put to Sleep in Unsafe Positions
Blood Pressure-Lowering Diet May Help Treat Gout
Cancer Now Leading Killer in 12 European Nations
Health Highlights: Aug. 15, 2016
Health Tip: Do Your Homework Before Dining Out
Health Tip: Know Your Risk of Stress Fracture
Surviving Freshman Year 101
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